Eyes, Face

All the secrets of hyaluronic acid-injection eye treatments.

Eyes, Face

All the secrets of hyaluronic acid-injection eye treatments.

Wrinkles, under-eye bags and dark circles are imperfections that overshadow the beauty of our eyes. How can hyaluronic acid solve or minimize such problems?

The eyes, we all know, are the mirror to the soul and to our health conditions. In particular, the eye contour area is extremely delicate due to the thinness of the skin, which allows the colors of the underlying cutaneous structures to show through the skin. Furthermore, it also lacks the sebaceous and sweat glands which elsewhere form the surface hydrolipidic film. Enter dark circles, wrinkles and under-eye bags. Dark circles immediately give your appearance a tired, wretched appearance, removing beauty and charm from the entire face.

Why dark circles form.

The onset of dark circles can be linked to several factors: genetic predisposition, micro-circulation problems, sinking of the orbito-lacrimal sulcus, lifestyle, sleep hygiene, exposure to UV rays, changes in temperature, a bad diet, smoking. In addition to acting on the root causes, in particularly acute cases it is advisable to resort to targeted dermo-aesthetic treatments such as hyaluronic acid-based micro-injections.

The cause of wrinkles and under-eye bags.

The origin of wrinkles and under-eye bags also depends on a loss in skin tone, which is more evident in people with a light skin phototype and in people who don’t regularly wear sunglasses. In some cases, the localized thinning of the skin allows the herniation of the adipose tissue present inside the orbital cavity, giving rise to prominent under-eye bags. The latter ailment can only be treated surgically with a blepharoplasty; it can however be prevented, like most other age-related imperfections, by a proper daily routine: gentle but effective cleansing, specific eye contour creams and serums, and by wearing sunglasses.

Filler or bio-revitalizing treatment? Solutions for the eye area.

Hyaluronic acid injections in the periocular area can be very useful for the treatment of under-eye imperfections. A filler can be employed, choosing a product which is sufficiently fluid for such a thin-skinned area – indeed, implanting a too-dense product would create an over-correction build-up. A lightly cross-linked hyaluronic acid-based filler has the right viscosity to treat the periocular area. If the aim instead is to bio-revitalize, smooth and tone the eye contour, one should use non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid injections.

In any case, under-eye injection treatments require a great deal of experience and in-depth knowledge of the particular anatomy of this site. In fact, if substances are accidentally injected under the ocular septum, the presence of adipose tissue and the paucity of blood and lymphatic vessels in this area will cause the hyaluronic acid to accumulate there, making it very difficult to be reabsorbed. Moreover, the treatment of the eye contour must be highly personalized: there are patients suffering from dark circles, those with wrinkles or under-eye bags, but also patients who lament more than one imperfection.

The action of hyaluronic acid on dark circles…

Dark circles, or the brownish discoloring of the skin of the eyelid (especially the lower one), may be due to several factors. A purplish color is more due to the excessive transparency of the skin, thus revealing the color of the underlying venous vessels. On the contrary, hyperpigmented skin is more likely the expression of a specific affliction of skin chronically subjected to ultraviolet radiation. Treatment with hyaluronic acid can reduce both these imperfections, as it thickens the skin and exerts an important antioxidant activity.

… and its effect on wrinkles and eyelid bags.

Periocular wrinkles, on the other hand, will be more effectively treated using an eye countour-specific filler based on lightly cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

However, injective treatments are seldom curative for under-eye bags: in fact, this blemish is often due to a herniation of the infraorbital adipose tissue in the eyelid area. However, if one’s predisposition to developing bags and dark circles is recognized early on, preventive hyaluronic acid injections could prevent or slow their development.

As important as ever in the case of the periocular area, patients must first undergo an accurate examination to establish the type of product, the injection technique, and the timing of the treatment protocol. There is furthermore great margin for improvement thanks to one’s daily beauty routine, by using specific products which are easily absorbable, spreadable and completely non-irritating. One’s lifestyle also contributes to the success of injection treatments: a balanced diet, free of alcohol and sugar, the right amount of rest and of moderate physical activity, and protection from solar radiation are essential ingredients for a luminous and relaxed look.