Face, Neck and Neckline

The neck and décolleté are canvases for the signs of time. Put them on show.

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Face, Neck and Neckline

The neck and décolleté are canvases for the signs of time. Put them on show.

These parts of the body easily attract the eye, but also the signs of aging. Here's how to make them our strong point for years to come.

After the face, the neck and décolleté are the parts of the body that attract the most attention. This means that they are an important visiting card of charm and femininity. Unfortunately, these areas are also extremely vulnerable and exposed to premature skin aging.

Why do the neck and décolleté age prematurely?

There are several reasons. First of all, the skin structure in these areas is poor in sebaceous and sweat glands, making the surface lipid film and its moisturizer-like action particularly lacking. The hydrolipidic film also acts as an elasticizing agent and as a protection barrier against the effects of ultraviolet rays and external agents. Women gladly expose their décolleté both in summer and in winter, but their skin – not as happy.

Lastly, the truth is we often do not adequately treat the skin of the neck, and neglect this area as compared the face when it comes to our beauty routine. But the décolleté, too, requires thorough daily cleansing, moisturizing and protective creams and adequate photoprotection.

What can we achieve with a bit of DIY?

Whenever we perform a facial, cleansing or cosmetic treatment, apply sun protection or undergo a bio-revitalizalizing treatment, it is vital to remember to also treat the neck and décolleté. Even face masks, moisturizers, soothing- and emollient creams if applied at least twice a week, can make a difference.

Ask a specialist for help: enter fillers.

Wrinkles that form in the décolleté and neck area are very often difficult to treat with fillers as they are particularly deep. However, other blemishes in skin texture and pigmentation are also caused by the passing of time. In-depth clinical studies have shown that linear hyaluronic acid injections (i.e. non cross linked), especially if hybrid (i.e. a combination of high- and low-molecular weight), have important results in terms of roughness, tone, texture and brightness of the neck and décolleté skin. The treatment is simple, and offers long-lasting results, especially when combined with antioxidant creams and/or serums and sunscreens with a very high protection factor (50+).