Finally here: the exhibition ME AS A MASTERPIECE. The photographic exhibition where the shots are not edited and where the protagonist is the authentic beauty of each of us..

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@bettahope is a creative person. She loves to tell and to paint her own ideas. She likes taking care of herself and she believes that beauty comes from the ideas of originality and authenticity. has Russian origins and she is strongly in love with Italy and its culture. She is a curious person and she loves taking care of herself. For her, beauty means feeling good about your own body, without having to please others.

@butta_rello is a curious girl. She loves everything that is new: she likes to travel, to meet new people and to deal with different realities and cultures. For her, beauty lives in the eyes of those who know how to appreciate it and it resides in everything that can stand out.

@manuela_lamanu is a full-time mom. She loves the sea and taking long walks in the park. For her, beauty lives inside each of us and we must recognize and appreciate it to be comfortable with ourselves.